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Our team works in Physics department in METU campus and in Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center (SANAEM).

METU campus is located on the Ankara-Eskişehir highway. Starting in the 1960s, with the efforts of university employees and students, the campus was completely forested.

Eymir Lake is in the campus boundaries. Employees and students of METU go to the lake and the surrounding environment for rowing, fishing and other social activities. The environment of Eymir was afforested as a result of the efforts of the staff and students. METU's water needs are supplied from water sources around Lake Eymir.

Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Training Center  Campus (SANAEM) which is connected to Turkey Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK), is located on 40th km of Ankara-Istanbul highway (D750-E5) around Saray.

Phone: +90 312 210 4334