AMS-02 (AB, TAEK partnership)

After AMS-02 experiment installed on International Space Station in May 2011, METU group sign on to the collaboration with the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Bilge DEMİRKÖZ. This group is only member from our country at AMS-02 Experiment which looking for dark matter trace via cosmic rays coming from the space. There are 2 projects taken from EU and TEAE. The basic goal of the AMS-02 is to look for dark matter trace at cosmic rays' spectrum. Spectrum data information allowed to calculate the Low Earth Orbit. This information is critical for Turkish space companies producing space electonics components for both system engineering and component level. Satellite electronics components must be operable under the radiation enviroment that the satellite being exposed despite the satelitte's external shield in the orbit. Both space radiation information obtained from AMS-02 Experiment and requests of space indurstry lead our team to studies about radiation tests.


AMS-02 subsystems


AMS-02 @ earth before launch

POCC - AMS Control room